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Solar panels and an all-electric household to significantly cut your electricity bill.

Solar panels

Solar panels

Solar panels enable you to power your household by converting sunlight to electricity. You can have them installed on your roof to decrease CO2 emissions and transform your home to an eco-friendlier one.


Change your lifestyle

Solar panels help us reduce CO2 emissions and protect the planet from global warming. The number of households using solar panels is increasing recently. Why don't you switch to solar panels and make a change for an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Cutting costs

Power your household

Produce your own energy with solar panels and save on your electricity bill. If you cannot produce enough electricity, at night time or on cloudy days, you can automatically buy the missing amount from your regular electric power company. And if you produce more than you can consume, it is possible to sell it and earn a little extra income for your household.

For any situation

Protect your home

Solar panels are convenient in case of natural hazards like typhoons and earthquakes because they enable you to power your household even when conventional lifelines fail.




EcoCute is a new style environmentally-friendly heating pump that uses hot air to heat water. It helps you save electricity about 1/3 of the usual consumption. Use it at night time or whenever the electricity rates are low to cut costs.

For shower room

relax with a hot bath

Choose the right tank size for your family and use as much water as needed without any worries of it running out. The heat pump works powerfully and fast to heat new water to replace the used amount. It is both convenient and economical.

Cut electricity costs

Peak shift

The meaning of "peak shift" is that a part of our energy usage is shifted to night time when the electricity price is cheaper. Heating water takes up a lot of energy, so using our new heating pump will help you save a lot of money.




Switching to an all-electric household will help you be more cost-efficient and manage your utility bills better. It is also much safer than using gas, for example, especially if there are children or older people in the family. Adopt an eco-friendlier lifestyle with all-electric products.

Induction cooking heater

Kitchen safety

Induction cooking is one of the best examples of all-electric devices. It enables you to cook without using gas or an open flame, so it is safe to use evern for children and seniors. Induction cooking heaters are very easy to clean and there are various designs and color options available.

Environmentally friendly

All-electric & solar

Installing solar panels and switching to all-electric devices will significantly help you save on your utilities. You will not need to use gas, and won't pay much, if anything, for electricity. Why not save money and at the same time change your household and lifestyle to be much more eco-friendly and conscious of conserving resources.